Jill Valentine: Former cat burglar, Jill changed her ways and became a member of S.T.A.R.S. special force team. After her encounter with the creatures of the umbrella mansion, she fled from the company with her fellow S.T.A.R.S. members. Now the T-Virus has leaked into Raccoon city itself and she has the near impossible task of escaping with her life. On her way she meets up with the mercenary Carlos Oliveira, who assists her in her escape. Jill is a master locksmith and works well with explosives. She is very independent and never gives up.


Carlos Oliveira: A South-American mercenary who serves umbrella without questioning their actions. He works blindly, with the sole purpose of rescuing survivors. Little does he know that Umbrella are responsible for the twisted creatures which threaten his life. He is aU.B.C.S. soldier and is in charge of fire arm maintainence. He has a strong source of marality, despite coming accross as an immature man at times.


Nemesis: This 'super-zombie' was created by umbrella for one purpose; dispose of all S.T.A.R.S. members, as they are witnesses to their carelessness. They are the only ones who know that Umbrella are the ones responsible for the chaos and deaths in and around Raccoon city. Nemesis is very tough, being able to take hundreds of bullets before retiring. Even after the is defeated he always returns - right up until the final battle between Jill and himself. He is armed with a missile launcher, and it constantly mutating; each development more lethal than the last!


Nicholi Zinoviev: Leader of the U.M.B.S. (Umbrella Counter Measure Service) division in which Carlos serves. However, Nicholi does not share Carlos' enthusiasm to rescue the survivors. He has his own plans. He is secretly working for Umbrella's scientists and is not to be trusted.


Mikhail Victor: Mikhail is true to his mission. Despite being severely wounded, he takes on Nemesis when Jill's life is threatened, and ends up sacrificing his own life to save her's. He is a very heroic and courageous member of the team.


Brad Vickers: After living up to his nickname 'chickenheart' in the first Resident Evil, taking off in the S.T.A.R.S. only form of escape, he and Jill meet again in the third installment. As she lays eyes of the grotesque Nemesis for the first time, Brad is also there. Nemesis shows no mercy and leaves Vickers in pools of his own blood to become the 'super zombie' of Resident Evil 2.


Barry Burton: Unknown by many to actually appear in the third Resident Evil, Barry actually pilots the helicopter which saves both Jill and Carlos. however, this is only on one of the endings. The pair climb aboard the chopper and as it flies off we see the face of a bearded man who is controlling the craft. Jill then says 'Is that you?'