Zombies: The old favourites! Resident Evil 3 is home to many types of zombie, rather than them all being the same. This time, they also move a lot faster and are more difficult to kill. The zombie is just another of Raccoon's residents who has unfortunately been subject to the T-virus. When there is a group of them, it can be quite difficult to take them out before they reach you. They are hardy, tough creatures which can take quite a lot of rounds. The best methods of getting rid of these beings is to use a shotgun aimed upwards. It takes off a zombies head in a single shot. If possible, try to shoot a barrel or some other form of stationary explosive when a large group of these creatues approach you. You can then take them all out with a single beretta shot. Listen for the dragging of feet and moaning.


Cerberus: The dogs are back yet again. This time however, they are faster, tougher and do a lot more damage. These hell-hounds can be a right pain when there are several of them, as you can never seem to hit them fast enough! The best weapon for these animals is the shotgun as it can hit all advancing dogs at once, sending them flat on their backs. Listen for pattering feet and growling.


Spiders: These enemies can be tricky as they are almost silent and sometimes attack from above. The magnum is most effective against these creatures, but look out: once killed a swarm of tiny spiders erupt from it's parent's abdomen. Take out these simply by stepping on them, as they cannot be shot easily. The large spiders also have the capability of poisoning you, so have some blue herbs handy.


Ma-121 (Hunter Beta): These creatures are a slight variation of the hunters which Jill had to face in the first Resident Evil. They are extremely intelligent, fast and deadly. They can jump at you across huge distances and kill you very quickly with its large, sharp talons. Kill them as quickly as you can with your strongest weapon, preferabley the magnum. Do not use a shotgun- it's too slow and does not cause enough damage. The same goes for the assault rifle. Listen for heavy footsteps and squealing.


Ma-124 (Hunter Gamma): Reffered to as the 'Blocker' while in development, this creature has a frog-like appearence. It can swallow a human whole in it's gaping mouth. These Hunter adore wet conditions, but hate sunlight. They are stored in water tanks in the hospital labs. For quick and effective killing, use the same method and listen for the same sounds as for the Ma-121B hunter.


Drain Deimos: Origionally a small insect, these creatures have mutated drastically. They have took an infected human body over, and they feast on any flesh they can find. If they catch live prey, they hug it and drain it if its fluids. They can climb almost anywhere, so make sure you are aiming correctly and are aware of their position at all times.


Brain Suckers: These creatures, like the Drain Deimos, are insectiod-like creatures which have become infected and have grown to human size. The have six legs, and two heads. Also like the Drain Deimos they are excellent climbers. Take them out with a powerful weapon before they get too close. Usually there will be some explosives near by. Shoot them but stand back!


Grave Digger: This creature usually resides below soil or in sewers. It was some kind of worm which had become infected by contaminated soil. It grows to a huge size and can swallow a human whole, forcing it down with its massive fangs. Use the strongest weapon you have, and keep your distance at all times.


Crows: These are simply birds which have consumed the flesh of an infected creature. They can be quite annoying. Unless you have a lot of shotgun ammunition, the best option is to run. Listen out for the flapping of wings, and 'squarking'.


Sliding Worm: These slimy, snake-like creatures come from the eggs of the grave digger. They are usually in infinite supply so you have no chance of defeating all of them, just run!