Resident Evil: Survivor for the Playstation has just been released in Britain. Going against the authadox biohazard genre ( the combination of 2-d backgrounds and 3-d characters) the entire game is 3-dimensional, allowing the player to have total freedom of movement and view. Another major difference with this game is that the player uses a light-gun to pick off the creatures, which obviously means that the game is now played through the eyes of the main character. Although survivor is an excellent game, it only took us a few hours to complete (what's new!) and we much prefer the normal ressi style! For more information or screenshots from the game check out our 'RE: Survivor' site.(coming soon)


Biohazard Zero is a new resident evil game in development for the N64. Details are very sketchy at the moment. All we know is that is will be set before RE1 and stars Rebecca Chambers. We'll have more news (and screenshots!) soon...