Combat Knife: Pretty useless weapon, standard in the RE games. Only use this weapon if you're out of ammo. Dump it in a chest and leave it there! Its only a waste of space.


M92F Custom handgun: Standard issue to the S.T.A.R.S. members. You start the game with this weapon. Although it isn't very powerful, it's an extremely useful weapon for taking out zombies. Ammo is also abundant for this weapon.

SIGPRO SP2009: Plastic, lightweight handgun. Only useful when playing the 'Mercenaries' game.


STI Eagle: An excellent handgun equipped with a lasersight. Shoots faster than the others, and is capable of blowing a zombie's head apart in a single shot if aimed correctly. Must be collected in parts which are taken from Nemesis after fights. (hard mode only)


Bennelli M3S Shotgun: This is a sawed-off weapon which is useful for taking out several targets at once. It can be found on a body at he bottom of the set of stairs near the start of the game.


Western Custom M37 Shotgun: This weapon has a mechanism which allows quick reloads. It's good for close combat, but isn't greatly effactive at long range. The gun is collected in parts which can be found after battles with Nemesis. (hard mode only)


Hkp Grenade Launcher: A powerful weapon. Can fire four different rounds - freeze, acid, flame and explosive.


M4A1 Assault Rifle: This weapon's ammunition is measured in percentage. Only use it when hand gun bullets are low, as ammo for this gun is scarce. NEVER use it on a hunter or on Nemesis as a huge amount of ammo will be used up. However, it is quite effective against zombies.


Smith & Wesson M629C Magnum: Large, traditional revolver made from stainless steel. It has weight-balanced recoil controll allowing a faster firing rate. This is a very powerful weapon, being able to kill almost any enemy in a single shot. Use the ammo wisely.


Mine Layer: Prototype weapon developed by Umbrella. Launches mines which explode when stepped on by an enemy. Useful against hordes of zombies where their path is obvious. Can be found on body on the ground floor of the clocktower. (hard mode only)


Gatling Gun: Powerful, fast-firing weapon. Baught in the Mercenaries game.


M66 Rocket Launcher: Old fashioned, but strong weapon. The best weapon for use against Nemesis. Also purchased in the Mercenaries game.